SC90002R / 1760-1199 / 805084 Major Repair Kit Crown Saver

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Alternate Part Numbers: 1760-1199, 95-75001, 99-75001

This SC90002R Major Repair kit for the SC1000 Toggle valve consists of the following.

1x SC1002 Retainer and SC1003 Spring (Available in SC90001R Kit or SC90002R Kit only) these two parts are pre-assembled.

1x SC1004 Seat

1x SC1005 O'ring (Available in SC90001R Kit or SC90002R Kit only)

1x SC1007 Spring

1x SC1008 O'ring (Available in SC90001R Kit orSC90002R Kit only)

1x  SC1009 Brass Stem Guide

1x SC1010 Snap ring

1X SC1011 Stainless Steel Stem

1x Packet of Grease (not sold separately)