Hillman Kelly 500C

Hillman-Kelley 500-C Power Tong. This compact, powerful tong weighs only 400 lbs. yet it efficiently powers in either direction, no need to turn over to makeup or breakout. Switching from makeup to breakout can be done in seconds and the tong can be easily operated from front, sides or rear. We take extra care when assembling our tongs to make sure they are easy to shift.
Technical Specifications

Running RPM (35 GPM, 132.6 LPM) at 800psi
High Gear: 125 RPM
Low Gear: 33 RPM
Low Gear: 1000-2000 psi (70.3-140.5 kg/cm^2) 17 RPM
Torque: 4500 ft-lbs (622.32 kg-m)Higher torques are obtainable at 2000 to 2500 psi (140-176 kg/cm^2)

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